Lego Animation

My stop motion animation: The Evil Wizard

The Evil Wizard from Misha Kula on Vimeo.

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My Stop Motion Robot Movie

I made this for school in third grade for the end of the year research project.

Here are some fun facts about robots:

  1. A true robot has to act on its own without human help.
  2. They work better in swarms because they share information that they learn.
  3. It’s hard for robots to walk on two legs.
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How to Make Stop Motion Movies

I thought it would be cool to try doing stop motion because you can make pictures into movies. I took pictures with my mom’s iPhone and used the app “Stop Motion Studio.” I started off watching movies on the computer about stop motion, and then I made my own. I put a blob of clay on a table and took a picture. Then I shaped that clay as I took more pictures into a man. I also made a stop motion man appear out of nowhere. I made myself come out of a box, and I made my toy dinosaur move. Then I used clay to make all sorts of other things.

These are two of the movies that I made.

Dino Battle: I made dinosaurs out of clay by watching videos of how to make a T-rex and a brachiosaurus (see this link). I watched other ones but they were hard for me to make. Then I made one T-rex and one brachiosaurus. I took pictures of brachiosaurus and T-rex roaring at each other and fighting and wagging their tails.

The Black Wizard: I watched youtube videos on claymation. There was one of them that has a black hero defeating zombies, and the end he went into a computer. Mine went into a piece of paper at the end.

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Karakuri Santa

I made this Santa from my karakuri book. I used one of the cams and I added a Santa on it with a candy cane and two presents. When you turn the handle, it moves its arms back and forth to give the present away.

You can see the video here:

This is the book that has patterns for all different cams:

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How I Learned to Juggle

For Christmas, I got three balls. First I was learning with two balls. And then I practiced so much because I had the balls always in front of me, and I learned how to do three balls. Then I learned two in one hand and two in the other, and now I know four.

I’m also learning pass juggling with six balls for two people. My mom and dad also juggle. My little brother is learning one ball. Daddy is learning five. Mommy is also learning five. Later, I will learn how to juggle with clubs.

Here is a video of me juggling three balls:

And here are some photos.


Me juggling three balls.


This is our uncle Bud dressed up like a jester.


Daddy and my uncle Bud pass juggling with clubs. I want to learn this.


Two balls in one hand.


Three balls on the unicycle. I’m still learning how to do juggling at the same time as unicycling.


My dad and my uncle Bud juggling. They like to practice outside.


That is my mom juggling.


Me and my daddy juggling.

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All About Karakuri

Karakuri is really neat. There are a lot of gears. You turn one of them and then all the rest turn to make something move. For example, I made a robot that serves you tea and a penguin that flaps his wings. These were from a book called “Karakuri” that I got for Christmas from my grandpa. Then I made a dinosaur all by myself following the gear instructions from the book.

Karakuri comes from Japan. They can be simple or really complicated like  this one on youtube.

Karakuri works with no batteries, like a wind-up toy. Here are some pictures of what I made so far.



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